Dividend History

Stock Offerings

a) March 1985 Initial Public Offering $1.88/share
b) March 1996 Secondary Offering $9.20/share

Stock Splits

a) August 30, 1985 3 for 2 split
b) June 5, 1989 3 for 2 split
c) August 4, 1995 3 for 2 split
d) November 29, 2001 3 for 2 split
e) November 14, 2003 5 for 4 split

Dividend Policy

The Board of Directors has adopted a policy regarding dividends which indicates that dividends will be determined by the Board of Directors in its discretion based upon its evaluation of earnings, cash flow requirements, financial condition, debt levels, stock repurchases, future business developments and opportunities, and other factors deemed relevant. The Company has paid annual dividends since fiscal 1989 and quarterly dividends since fiscal 1995.

Stock Dividends

a) September 12, 1994 5% stock dividend